Our technique allows us to work on both natural and synthetic carpets, with the guarantee of removing 95% of the stains.

We can operate without risk on technical floors and old parquet, whether the carpet is stretched or glued, including compressed carpets.

Treatment Protection Stain removal Disinfection   



Whether your rug is  hand crafted, machined, synthetic, silk or woollen , we operate on site to treat and protect them. Obviously, we take care of your environment, your floors and adjacent objects.

Treatment  Protection  Stain removal  Disinfection   


We carry out work under dry conditions or with water, of course we  guarantee to preserve the fibres and colours. The Procare Systems products are effective on the coatings used on  fragile furnishings as well as on all types of furniture irrespective of age, brand and quality.

Treatment  Protection


We work thoroughly without risk of impairing  elasticity. The impregnation is carried out with a lanolin-based emulsion which restores and reinvigorates the leather prolonging its life.

Care Repair and renovation Colour


We operate on site, no handling issues, no risk of damaging your curtains or shrinkage, Procare Systems will do everything in order to protect your double curtains.

Treatment  Protection  Stain removal


Dust settles on your wall hangings, it is essential to vacuum and treat them with high-tech equipment on a frequent basis. This way, you preserve their appearance, limit air infiltration, which is often irreversible, and above all, you protect your health !

Treatment  Protection  Stain removal    

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