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Founded in 2001, Procare Systems uses the result of extensive research for innovative products
 to fight against dirt and stains in order to preserve maximum hygiene.

Procare Systems offers services adapted to your needs and most often harmless in relation to
the environment
, because we take a deep interest in ecology.

Over many years of experience, we can claim to be specialists in the field of treatment and protection 
of carpets, rugs, wall hangings, sofas, armchairs, sofas and upholstery fabric, as well as double curtains.
We also offer anti-dust mite and anti-static treatments on specific request.


Our commitments

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Professional analysis

of your textiles (carpets, rugs, fabric and leather furniture, double curtains and wall hangings).

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High-tech treatment

of textiles in the heart of the fibres with exclusive and harmless products ensures that your fibres are not attacked.
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Procare Systems protection

Our process completely encapsulates the fibres invisibly and thus provides a real shield against stains.
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Audit of the treatment

Quality control on site (at the customer's premises).
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Maintenance kit

This kit allows you to remove stains, making maintenance easier. The process will be explained to you by our technician.
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Technical passages

Quarterly visits by our specialists, allowing us to keep your fibres clean and in good condition, especially in high-risk areas.
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The Procare Systems quality contract gives you a one-year guarantee against stains and dirt.
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Emergency service

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Annual renewal

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