An adaptation to any situation in the greatest respect

Procare Systems counts mainy an important banking corporation amongst its customers. Many other sectors such as SME, SMI, notary and lawyer practices, fiduciaries, schools, clinics also trust us.
At your service, we adapt to your requirements while preserving and respecting important client confidentiality procedures.


Cleaning and in-depth treatment

Many hotel establishments rely on our services in order to protect their carpets, rugs, furniture and double curtains. Thus, we strive to satisfy both small-sized hotels as well as the most prestigious establishments..
The anti-stain protection minimizes the problems while optimizing staff productivity. Our emergency service is truly one of our greatest strengths in terms of responsiveness.


A powerful protection against the hassle of everyday life

Procare Systems are proud of its large clientele. We protect your home and the furnishings you love from stains, dirt and dust mites. Our technique allows us to carry out the work at your home with our anti-allergenic products. Our anti-stain protection relieves you from your baby’s hands full of chocolate. Finally, no more anxiety during your receptions, Procare Systems will take care of everything.


Effective treatments, a flawless responsiveness

Procare systems works in collaboration with partners from the international airport of Geneva and makes its know-how available to airline companies for the treatment of their aircraft or their private jets. Our strong point in this field is without doubt our availability to deal with last-minute requests, as well as our rapidity to relieve the staff for which the time frame for technical visit is often tight. On site, the impregnation of leather and the anti-stain treatment for carpets and armchair fabrics provide you with a year-round service.


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