Conventional surface disinfection is unfortunately often insufficient. Our antiviral treatment is a patented technology that eradicates all types of viruses without leaving dangerous residues and sanitizes your carpets in the long term.


Some carpets can develop fungi. These symptoms are often manifested by bad odors, especially in contact with moisture. After a good background treatment, we apply an antimicrobial treatment in order to sanitize your carpets in the long term.


The lack of maintenance of the carpets, a bad aspiration, a too confined zone, are typical factors for the development of the acarian. Therefore, we treat your carpets thoroughly and if necessary with an infallible anti-acarian. The latter significantly reduces existing or future allergies and prevents the acarian from nesting throughout the year.


Antistatic fiber coating eliminates static electricity shocks caused by the electrical charge contained in the rug. Antistatic injection will dissipate static electricity with a single application, especially in cold weather when static electricity is at its strongest.


There's no point in hiding odors, you have to eliminate them! Procare Systems neutralizes and eliminates odors at the source by destroying the malodorous molecules without masking them, and creates a healthy, airy atmosphere.



Our anti-stain treatment applies to both synthetic and natural fibers, without changing their color or constitution.

By coating your fibers with an impermeable protection against stains, Procare Systems protections allow you to easily maintain your surfaces all year long.



Procare Systems puts its experience at the service of your fibers for an optimal result!

After a professional analysis of your fabrics, our qualified technicians adapt their techniques to remove even the toughest stains.

If your fibers allow it, Procare Systems will remove them with water. For more fragile fibers such as silk, velvet or bamboo fibers, our technicians will use a dry cleaning method.

Procare Systems uses over 45 years of research to fight dirt and stains to maintain maximum hygiene.



The High-Tech Procare Systems treatment is carried out at 35 bars of pressure (carpets, rugs) or at 4 bars of pressure (furniture fabrics, double curtains, wall hangings,...), in hot water and in depth up to the weft with a very powerful technical equipment allowing a total disinfection.

The use of hot water allows to increase tenfold the properties of our treatment products and to eliminate micro-organisms with a very qualitative result.

The high standards and performance of Procare Systems have enabled us to work for many years with private clinics for whom disinfection is a priority.



Over time, leather can become brittle. Our specialists will renovate your furniture using our methods and know-how.



Before changing your furniture, do you know that it is possible to give it a new youth ? Thanks to our specific treatment, you can keep your favorite armchair and get back its original look.



Looking for a new decoration at home or at the office? Have your furniture coloured rather than replaced. Our experts will offer you an infinite range of colours.

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