Protect your fibres and treat your leather in order to protect your investment!

By protecting your new carpets and your new fabrics and furniture from the start, you’ll improve the efficiency of maintenance and reduce wear and tear.e.

against stains

Our anti-stain treatment can be applied  to both synthetic and natural fibres without changing their colour nor their composition.

By coating your fibres with a waterproof protection against stains, the Procare Systems protection allows you to facilitate maintenance and to preserve your surfaces throughout the year.



The High-Tech treatments created and used by Procare Systems ensure quality of textiles and fibres as well as providing exceptional protection..


Stain removal

The efficient techniques used by the Procare Systems experts allow the elimination of difficult stains in 95% of cases.



The Procare Systems professional technicians thoroughly disinfect your fibres and textiles with innovative, efficient and cutting-edge products.

Procare Systems

For an in-depth treatment of your textiles