Cleaning, cleanliness and protection

Procare Systems offers you a High-Tech and non-toxic treatment system to remove approximately 95% of your stains, but also to protect your textile fibres. The treatment also applies to both synthetic and natural fibres, and this without altering neither their colour nor their look.

Procare Systems helps you keep your surfaces clean, facilitates ease of maintenance and puts at your disposal an efficient technical service.
By protecting your carpets and your new fabrics furnitures from the start, you’ll improve maintenance and prevent wear and tear.
Also protect your investment by treating and nourishing your leather furniture.

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The summer is conducive to the acarians, which love the skins and those babies in particular and can cause allergies often very unpleasant. A superficial maintenance of carpets, a bad vacuum, dark and poorly ventilated rooms are factors types for the development of these small animals. Some carpets can also reveal the presence of fungi and these symptoms most of the time show up in bad odors, especially in contact with moisture

How to fix it?

After a good background treatment of your textile fibers, we will apply an infallible anti-acarian in order to sanitize your carpets thoroughly and for a period most important. Significantly reduces existing or future allergies and avoids that the acarians nests throughout the year and scatters her eggs at will and wherever it wants.


Do not wait to the last moment and call our free valuation and no obligation on your part, it will also give you the opportunity to learn about our other Treatment Systems.

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“Standard” rugs or “Logo” rugs have a common function, that of capturing outdoor soiling so that your shoes do not transport them to where you work or where you live. It is therefore important to choose the right carpet according to its destination. It starts with the choice of type, interior or exterior, habitat or offices, workshop or factory but also with or without logo, with or without border and with or without anti-slip spikes. Finally, adapt the color and dimensions. You see that many criteria must be seen before the stage of purchase, but it worth it because without really realizing it you will make on the one hand wear savings and on the other hand the pleasure to see your carpet in a very good condition. It would be too complicated to explain in a few lines the different carpets that we can propose and that is why at the dawn of our 18 years of experience our sales representative can bring you all the professionalism that requires a carpet to be in its proper place. There are coco, acrylic, nylon, rubber, non-slip, electrical safety mats, but also carpets for swimming pools and even industrial carpets.


Do not hesitate to consult us, our advice is always professional, free and do not commit you in any way, you will be able to make your decision with full knowledge of the facts.


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Carpet convenient if you have floating floors (Technics)
Convenient if you want to change an aging passage area.
Taste, if you feel that the carpet squares do not look bad.
Taste, if you want to change some slabs in another color, for example, to delimit a corridor area, an area not to be crossed etc ….


We are at your disposal to go around with you for the supply and installation of carpet to guide you in your choice.

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Avoid felt fibers and especially those that are compressed, which certainly do not wear out but which are real nests of microbes and mushrooms of all kinds, that does not make life easier for people with allergies. Prefer synthetic fibers with medium hight yarn, it means that you can push your fingers inside the fibers of at least 4 mm for corridors and offices. We advise against a loop of fiber too short and which wear too quickly. Favor large carpets because they are made for high-risk areas such as corridors, receptions and entrance halls.


Upon installation of a carpet, protect it to preserve and prolong its life. The carpets, although often protected from  factory, must be cleaned to remove impurities, traces of glue, dirt etc … and this also to get rid of a protection of factory that would hold only 3 to 4 months especially at frequent crossings. The Follow-up during the first year is very important for the rest of the maintenance.

Prevent rather than cure

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Replacing carpets is often a costly intervention especially when materials and labor costs are involved. It is also a complicated task to organize since it is necessary to replace without penalizing the activity and the environment of the collaborators.

This is why it is imperative to extend the life of your carpets by means of a suitable cleaning, an effective treatment and a stain-resistant protection with a guarantee. This way you will save money and have the pleasure of seeing every day a carpet that you will be proud of as well maintained.

That’s why, based on our 17 years of experience, we offer several suggestions, many of which have been approved by our professional partners and our customers who renew their trust every year by their loyalty.


Ask for our free expertise and we will be happy to advise you in the choice of your future carpet.

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August 2018

Completely protect the upholstery in your office

Upholstery such as your curtains, carpets, and soft furnishing fabrics contribute a lot to the comfort of the interior of your premises.

August 2018

Procare Systems; the local, responsive Geneva service provider available for the maintenance of your office premises

Un imprévu de dernière minute pour lequel vous n’avez pas eu le temps d’anticiper? Nous nous engageons à être réactif et vous dépanner rapidement. Au plus proche de ses clients, Procare Systems est le prestataire à qui faire confiance.

August 2018

Renovate or replace your office furniture ?

Vous avez pour mission d’assurer l’image de vos locaux mais le manque de temps et de budget vous fait hésiter entre la mise en place d’opérations de rénovation ou de renouvellement de votre mobilier de bureau ?